P&C Automation and our partners have over 30 years experience designing & supplying turnkey packhouse solutions, from infeed through to palletising.

The benefits of P&C Automation’s Stone Fruit solutions are:

Adaptable to any packhouse layout & space requirements, with the ability to custom design to meet any clients requirements.

Decreased labor requirements & increased production throughput, minimizing fruit loss/incorrect grading.

State of the art weight, size, colour & external defect sorting offering the best outcome for your grading needs.


Infeed & Treatment

Sorting & Grading


Carton Handing & Palletising

Infeed & Treatment

See below our range of infeed equipment to suit all your Stone Fruit packhouse requirements, all equipment can be customised to meet your specification.

Bin Tipping

Ranging from single bin capacity through to 80 bins per hour continuous tipping, our range offers gentle handing of fruit by tipping via a fully automated process. Product is transferred to the next stage distribution conveyors.

De-Leaf & Small Fruit Eliminator

Offering de-leaf & small fruit eliminator units allows for all unwanted product from entering to the main infeed line, this allows for leaf matter, small fruit & other contaminates to drop through on to a waste conveyor for disposal.

Washing Units

High/low pressure wash unit allow for removal of contaminates on the fruit skin, such as spray residue, dust & pests before waxing/sorting.

Wax/Chemical Application

Wax/chemical application units are available in a range of options from rotating rollers or brushes. These unit are designed for even consistent wax/chemical application to the whole skin of the fruit, this reduces the chance of incorrect application.

Drying Tunnels

Either Gas or Diesel, our drying tunnels are designed to be economical to run while still delivering correct drying temperatures for your fruit.

Manual Inspection Conveyor

Manual inspection conveyors are utilised when waste & downgrade fruit is required to be disposed of prior entering the remaining infeed line. These units can be customised with waste & downgrade chutes/conveyors as required by the client.


Offering several sorting & grading options allows us to deliver a customised solution, from weight only equipment through to full defect sorting. Offering from 1 lane through to 8 lanes allows us to help increase your packhouse throughput.


Our precise weighing capabilities allows for continuous accuracy in fruit sizing, preventing incorrect box weights caused by under/over sized fruit in the incorrect packing outlets.

Shape & Colour

Offering an integrated shape and colour grading system allows for fruit to be graded by shape, diameter and skin colour. This system is designed to handle all skin colour tones of a variety of fruit.

External Blemish/Defect

Utilising the best surface blemish technology allows us to grade fruit by external defect such as skin blemishes, tree damage, bruising/handling damage & insect damage. The system is adaptable to different varieties & can be adjusted to suit the clients grading & packout specification.


With a wide range of packing options we can supply equipment to meet any requirement, from bin filling to automated pattern packing.

Gentle Bin Filling

Gentle bin fillers are the best means to quickly repack citrus into bins without the risk of damage, offering both single & double head units allows for continuous filling during bin change over.

Packing Tables/Tray Fillers

Manual packing tables & tray fillers are designed to offer an ergonomic work station for packing staff while increasing productivity. Offering empty & full carton/tray conveyors, waste conveyors and many other options allows for an all in one manual packing system.


We offering a range of pre-pack equipment from flow-wrapping to net bagging. These systems included a range of options including produce conveyors, waste conveyors, along with various other options.

Tray & Carton Erecting

Suited to a wide range of trays & cartons our erecting units are high speed and built for efficiency. Able to handle single stage, dual stage, glued & glue-less trays & cartons.

Auto Pattern Packing

Designed to reduce labour & improve packing accuracy and presentation our auto pattern packers are able to meet all requirements for multiple tray & carton configuration.

Carton Sealers

High speed carton sealers can be used inline within a system or stand alone, offering both glue or tape options. Designed to suit many carton sizes with the ability to adjust in minutes.

Carton Handling & Palletising

From automated robotic palletising to carton/tray conveyors. We can handle the transportation of cartons/trays around your facility, including pallet strapping/wrapping.

Carton & Tray Handling Systems

Our fully integrated carton & tray handling systems are custom designed to provide the most efficient transport means for all cartons & trays within your packhouse. This includes tracking systems to distribute cartons & trays to manual & robotic palletising systems.

Robotic & Layer Palletising Systems

We offer both layer & robotic palletising for cartons & trays. These systems reduce labor requirements & prevents manual handling injuries. Our systems can adapt to many stacking patterns, will suit multiple pallet types, and has options for slip sheeting.

Pallet Strapping & Wrapping

Automated pallet strapping or wrapping eliminates the need for space and time for manual labour to complete these tasks. These automated systems can automatically adapt to different pallet heights & types, saving time & increasing throughput.

Equipment Installation

From small upgrades to full turnkey project installations, we offer a full start to finish installation service. Our many years of mechanical & electrical installation knowledge allows us to carry out any size installation seamlessly.

Mechanical Installation

All equipment is installed by a team of highly skilled mechanical fitters. All work is carried out to the highest standard to comply with all Health & Safety requirements.

Electrical Installation

Our equipment is electrically installed by our qualified electricians. All works are carried out to the Australian regulations & comply with Health & Safety requirements.

Client Training

We offer a personalised client training system for all equipment. This includes 1 on 1 and group training sessions on the operations, upkeep & maintenance of equipment for both mechanical & electrical systems.

Service & Support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our services & support team is there when you need us. Being based in Australia means we are there when & where our clients needs us. Offering technical, electrical & mechanical support & service around the clock.

24-Hour Helpdesk

To ensure your packhouse runs at optimal operation, we offer phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, this allows us to solve any equipment issues as soon as possible.

On-Site Support

Sometimes breakdowns needs our specially trained team to be onsite to solve, having our team based locally within Australia means we can be in any location in the country within 1 day, allowing minimal downtime in production.

Remote Access Technical Support

Most of our equipment comes standard with capabilities for our technical team to login remotely to troubleshoot technical issues. This also allows our technicians to run troubleshooting tests with the help of the clients machine operators on-site. The online fault finding has been proven to be the most effective means of quickly resolving issues.